Rhema Marvanne

"For I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord, plans for welfare
  and not for evil, to give you a future and a hope." - Jeremiah 29:11
About Me

Rhema Marvanne was born September 15. Her Father is Teton Marvanne and Mother is Wendi Marvanne. She was born at Trinity Hospital in Dallas, TX. She was carried to term but was still very small. Rhema weighted 4.11 lbs and had to stay in the NICU for 3 weeks before she was taken home.

Rhema Marvanne is eight years old and she loves her father and her dog Mojo. They attend The Branch Church in Plano, TX. Rhema was baptized on October 18, 2009 after accepting Christ as her Savior.

Rhema began singing the same time she began talking. It was less than a year ago Rhema recorded her first song, Amazing Grace and quickly became an Internet singing sensation. She takes tremendous inspiration from her mother, Wendi Marvanne, who sadly lost her battle with ovarian cancer on November 8, 2008. It is Rhema's greatest hope to make her mother proud, both as a singer and as a servant of God, which is why she also performs at churches, non-profit organizations, charities, hospitals and special events.

Rhema recently appeared on the Maury Polvich show highlighting the most talented kids, she was on International News via Supreme Master TV – Global Satellite which is shown in 44 countries in 60 languages and aired on June 16, 2010 every 6 hours for different time zones, she recorded both her Albums in Nashville. Her songs are sold on iTunes, Amazon.com as well as through her website's Official Store. She recently recorded The Prayer with Terry White and musicians from the Nashville Symphony and recently released her Christmas Album, All Seasons. Rhema played her first acting role in Machine Gun Preacher, a multi-million dollar film, set to release Fall 2011 (a Lionsgate Film). Since receiving over 16 million video hits online in 2010 she has appeared on ABC's 20/20, Fox News, CBS, CBN, TBN as well as on Daystar.

During her free time Rhema enjoys playing with her friends, playing outside, playing with dolls and watching movies.

The best way to describe Rhema is that she has a beautiful heart and soul. She is sweet, kind, caring and most importantly pure in heart.

Most people who have dealt with or is currently dealing with cancer, disease, challenges, etc…..sees hope and inspiration in Rhema. The little girl who should have been scared or harmed by seeing her mother suffer and gone, is strong and perfect.

I see Rhema as a cancer survivor. She gives me hope for goodness in mankind. God gave her a beautiful heart and the voice of an angel. Most people that hear her sing can not deny that God does speak through a child. Her voice touches people’s hearts.

Written by Teton, her Father

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In Loving Memory...

Rhema’s mother Wendi whose Christian name is Mercy loved Rhema with all her heart. Wendi was diagnosed with Ovarian Cancer when Rhema was just 3 years old till she was 6 years old at which time her mother went back to heaven 11/8/08. Most of Rhema’s memories with her mom were pleasant memories but revolved around surgery, multiple chemotherapy treatments, sickness and struggle. Wendi was a strong believer in God and loved him with all her heart. She never complained or questioned God. She encourage others while she herself battled cancer. There is a video of Wendi’s life on www.jchouseofmercy.org

During her last few months Rhema and Teton took care of Wendi. Rhema spent almost every hour with her mother, especially the last 2 weeks till Wendi took her last breath. When I asked Wendi what her greatest accomplishment was, she said, “Rhema”. When I asked Wendi what her last words were, she said, “I have nothing to say, my life speaks for itself”. Wendi was a great women of God who sits today next to her Lord. Knowing Wendi, she probably has not rested but continues to ask God to have grace, mercy, and blessings for her family and friends.